Preferred Introduction (short and sweet)

John Cary is a connector, writer, speaker, and curator focused on social change, with an emphasis on design and philanthropy. His latest book is called Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture for Everyone and the subject of his recent TED talk, titled “How architecture can create dignity for all.”

A Bit More (really all you need to know)

John is the author of Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture for Everyone (2017) and The Power of Pro Bono (2010). His writing has appeared in an array of publications as diverse as The New York Times,, dwell, and Fast Company.

In addition to his TED talk and other speaking, John frequently curated and hosts events for TED, The Aspen Institute, and other entities. As Senior Program Officer of The Audacious Project at TED, he was a philanthropic advisor to foundations and nonprofits around the world. John is a co-founder of FRESH Speakers, Inc., a next generation speakers bureau, focused on diversifying thought leadership.

A native of Milwaukee, Wis., John lives in a co-housing community in Oakland, Calif., with his partner and wife, author Courtney E. Martin, and their two daughters.

Unabridged (total snoozer)

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